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E.V. Charger Installation

Nitro Electric provides installation of Electric Vehicle (E.V.) chargers.

The City of Flagstaff now requires a 240v circuit in the garage of new residential construction. This is to facilitate the fast charging of electric powered automobiles. However older homes often do not have this 240v electrical circuit which allows for fast charging of electic vehicles. Even if someone does not have an E.V., this circuit can also be used to power an RV or a welder or an electric dryer. Every garage deserves a 240v circuit! The city only requires the circuit but not the outlet.

What is a "circuit" - in this case the "circuit" refers to only the wires running from the electrical panel to the garage. Whereas the "outlet" refers to the female plug that the wires are connected to. The City of Flagstaff currently only requires the circuit and not the outlet. This is to allow the homeowner to choose the outlet style they need, or to even directly wire a dedicated car charger. If you have a newer home, the wires should already be to the garage and a licensed electrician is able to add the proper outlet or car charger onto the wires.

Nitro Electric recommends installing a NEMA 14-50 240v outlet in the garage and often on the outside of the home as well for charging vehicles in the driveway. NEMA 14-50 is a four prong 240v outlet good for up to 50 amps. This is the standard type of outlet that electric vehicles can plug into (often with manufacturer supplied adapters).

Nitro Electic can also install chargers specific to Tesla model automobiles.

Please call the number above to meet with a licensed electrician.


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