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New Flagstaff Electrical Codes

Several new electrical codes have been introduced in recent years. 

If your are concerned about the improved codes and how they apply to your home, call today to discuss the issue with a qualified electrician.

While older homes are "grandfathered" and thus are not generally required to be updated electrically, some of the updates are for the safety of those who dwell in the home and should be considered.  Other new Electrical codes are for energy saving purposes.

picture of GFI outlet

GFI info:

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter Outlets (GFCI's) are designed to reduce the risk of electric shock. The National Electrical Code requires GFCI protected outlets to be used in "wet" areas such as; kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, garages, sheds, hot tubs, and outdoors. GFCI's damaged by lightning or electrical surges may fail to provide adequate protection. Our location in northern Arizona frequently experiences power surges, outages from storms, and extreme temperature cycles, all of which can shorten the service life of these devices. Many older homes do not have these GFCI outlets installed in kitchens, bathrooms etc. To test: Press the "test" button, an audible click should be heard, breaking the circuit. To restore the circuit press the "reset" button. If the audible click is not heard, or if power is not restored, the GFCI needs replacement. Call for service of existing GFCI's, or upgrading wet locations to GFCI protection.  Upgrading to GFCI protection involves minimal cost and provides desirable protection for your home and family.

AFCI info:

Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) is a type of circuit breaker or receptacle that will trip (open the circuit) when it detects a dangerous electrical arc in order to prevent electrical fires. Now required by electrical code in most locations in new homes.  All bedrooms are now required to be AFCI protected. 

AFCI can be tested by pushing the "test" button to make sure the breaker trips. Then simply reset the electrical breaker.

AFCI breaker


electrical service entrance

Electrical Service Entrance

Many older homes in Flagstaff have outdated or dangerous service panels and electrical service entrances.  Additionally, many of the older panels provide insufficient amperage and have outdated style breakers or even fuses.

In the picture at left, we installed a new, modern electrical service entrance with proper bracing and a new main panel. 

Electrical panel replacement / Electrical service entrance upgrades are often necessary when remodeling a home, adding solar power or increasing electrical demand due to the installation of new appliances.

Dark Sky Lighting

It is recommended to adapt your home's exterior lighting to be Dark Sky compliant.

Flagstaff is the World's First International Dark Sky City - We rejoice to see all the beauty of the night sky.  Update your home to help reduce light pollution!  Flagstaff benefits socially and economically from our many and famous observatories. 

Sedona is also a Dark Sky City with strict lighting regulations.

Dark Sky lighting is also more efficient because it puts the lumens where they need to be.

Please have those old "carriage" style house lights removed and install code compliant fully shielded lights, which light the path instead of making your eyes annoyed.

Call today to have Ntiro Electric make your home Dark Sky compliant!

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon monoxide detectors are required in all new residential construction. They are also a really smart investment in older homes. CO is and oderless gas that can be deadly. Nitro electric can inter-connect CO detectors and smoke detectors by either hardwiring them or by implementing wireless communication technology.

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