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Heat Cable Options - The Technical Stuff

Residential heat cable is available in factory made lengths up to 240 feet, it has a fixed heat output of 5 watts per foot, operates at only 120 volts, has a medium life span and is more economical.

Commercial grade heat cable has a self regulating core that automatically adjusts its heat output - 2 watts to 12 watts per foot depending on ambient temperature ( 6 watts per foot at 40 degrees F.), is very effective in the most severe icing conditions, can operate at 120 volts thru 277 volts which allows much longer runs from one power source, has a long life span, is installed on "high end" residential applications, as well as commercial roofs and gutters, and has a permanent attachment system to the roof.

Both Residential and commercial heat cable systems often times require new dedicated electrical circuits to be installed from a main panel or subpanel to support the additional amperage from multiple runs of heat cable. All heat cable systems require GFCI protection.

Controllers range from a manual switch, to- automatic digital timers, to- preset or adjustable automatic ambient sensing thermostatic controllers, to- automatic moisture & ambient sensing thermostatic controllers.

Residential Heat Cable

Residential Grade Heat Cable Installation:

Residential Ice Melt Cable Installation

Heavy Duty Grade Heat Cable (Ice Melt Cable) Roof Top Installation:
Note that the Cable is Heavy-Duty and the attachment to the roof is permanent.

Commercial Heat Cable Installation

Below is a comparison of Heat Cable attachment systems
Heavy Duty (permanent) attachment on the left and Light Duty attachment on the right:

Commercial Heat Tape attachment      Residential Ice Melt Cable attachment

Heat Cable Controller Options:

Residential Thermostatic Plug-In type controller:

Residential Thermostatic Plug-In type controller

Commercial Heat Cable

Adjustable ambient temperature sensing controllers to operate commercial heat cable cable:

adjustable ambient temperature sensing controllers to operate commercial heat cable cable

Gutter mounted moisture/temperature sensing controller
used to automatically operate residential and commercial systems:

gutter mounted moisture/temperature sensing controller

Below is a picture of a remote timer Nitro Electric installed as part of a heat cable installation job.  The timer is not necessary for Ice Melt Cable to work, but is very convenient and saves money on electricity.  Once channels have been created in the ice dam by heat cable, the warm weather will do the rest.

remote timer installation for heat tape

We can also install remote manual switches to operate your new heat cable system.

Nitro Electric has developed highly effective commercial drain and scupper de-icing systems with proven results. We can design a system for any roof size - call for more information.

Call today for a free consultation with a licensed electrician.


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