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Rooftop Snow Removal for the Flagstaff Area

Flat roof snow removal

Nitro Electric offers rooftop snow removal for Residential and Commercial roofs! 

Nitro Electric also offers Snow Blower and Backhoe service for clearing snow from driveways, patios and sidewalks!

DISCLAIMER:  Removing snow or ice from roofs is dangerous to roof surfaces.  Snow Removal service and Ice Dam Removal service should only be used to avoid the chance of greater damage occurring to the interior of the home or business due to leaks from ice dams or to avoid the possibility of roof collapse.  Removing snow or ice from a roof can cause loss of granules from composition shingles as well as incidental nicks and scratches resulting in minor cosmetic blemishes.  Additionally, Ice dam removal should only be requested if the ice presents a clear and present danger of causing physical harm to person or property.  When a large chunk of ice falls it often damages composition shingles by taking a piece of the shingle with it. The customer must understand and agree that roof top snow removal and ice dam removal are emergency services intended to protect person and property.  Snow and ice removal is a temporary fix, intended to lesson the snow load on the roof and decrease the formation of icicles and ice dams on the roof.  Any damages from snow loads or ice build-up, or the removal process are not covered by Nitro Electric.

Below is a photo of one of the huge piles of snow that we removed from this home center in Flagstaff.

By choosing to remove the snow, this home center avoided potential damage to property, inventory and most importantly to customers and staff.

Commercial roof snow removal

Commercial roofs in Flagstaff are prone to collapse when the roof drains become covered in Ice.
In the photo below we cleared these drains on a local commercial roof, allowing water to escape.

Clearing Ice from rooftop drains

The owner of this building chose not to have the snow cleared off his roof:

Roof Collapse Bookmans Flagstaff

To protect people from injury the Flagstaff Fire Department closed several businesses until the snow was cleared from their roofs.

Wise Flagstaff business owners chose to have the snow cleared off their roofs, which allowed them to stay open for business, and kept their buildings from collapsing!  While insurance may pick up the bill to repair the damage, is it really worth losing your business??

Residential Roof Top Snow Removal

After we shovel the snow off the roof with our plastic shovels, it often needs to be moved from where it lands:

Shoveling snow from roofs

Ice Dam Removal

Nitro Electric offers ice dam removal. Ice dams on roofs can cause water to back up under the shingles. Ice dam removal can cause damage to shingles and should only be chosen if there is danger of greater damage being caused by potential leaks. When chunks of ice fall off a roof or are removed from a roof, they can often take pieces of roofing with them.



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