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Rooftop Heat Cable Installation

"Heat Cable" is also commonly referred to as "Ice Melt Cable", "Heat Tape" and "Heat Trace Cable".

Several types of Heat Cable installation are available.  Prices vary depending on the quality and type of Heat Cable chosen. 

Please call for a consultation with an electrician regarding your Heat Cable needs.  More on technical options.

Please note:  Heat Cable does not completely melt the ice dams, but rather creates channels through which water may flow past the ice dam as it melts, rather than being trapped by the ice dam.  Heat Cable may be installed year round, but it is preferable to install during the warmer months, in advance of winter. 

Heat Cable on rooftop in Flagstaff

Ice Dams grow as snow melts and refreezes on rooftops. The ice dams then cause water to pond on the roof, which eventually finds its way up under the shingles and into the interior of the building.  Notice the thick layer of ice under the snow in this picture, also notice how the ice is pulling the gutter down.

Ice dam picture

In the following picture notice the ice dam in the valley, which is over a foot high.  Roof valleys in Flagstaff are especially prone to ice dams and it is recommended to install heat tape further up the roof when encountering a valley such as this one:

Ice dam in roof valley

Below is a picture of one of our Heat Tape installations at work. Notice the channels created for water to run off.  Heat tape is also installed in the gutter and downspouts to allow water to flow freely:

Heat cable installation Flagstaff

Below is another Heat tape installation.  Notice that the heat tape goes further up the valleys, creating large channels for water to escape:

Heat tape melting snow

Below is a picture of the channels created by heat tape doing its job:

Heat tape installation picture

Some larger heat tape installations require a dedicated outlet. A dedicated outlet, when combined with a timer, can also be used to automatically control Christmas lights.

Dedicated outlet installation

Reputable home builders such as Highwood Construction and Remodeling and Sierra Enterprises will often incorporate remotely switched outlets under the eves in the original construction of a custom home.  However if your home did not come with this feature, call Nitro Electric today for a free estimate on the cost of installation and a consultation on your needs with a electrician. 
Note that the outlet box and conduit are paintable.

Commercial Heat Tape / Heat Cable Installation

Commercial grade Heat Tape / Heat Cable requires special mounting to be installed

Nitro Electric installed commercial grade heat tape on this residential metal roof in areas where ice dams were likely to build up.
Commercial grade heat cable lasts longer than residential grade heat tape/cable.

The adhesive based fasteners for this commercial heat tape project in Flagstaff Arizona require a clean surface.
Nitro Electric prepped the surface by wiping down the areas with alcohol to ensure a strong bond to the metal roof.

Commercial grade heat tape / heat cable works well to melt ice from low sloped roofs.

Properly installed heat tape will melt snow and ice on commercial roofs in order to keep roof drainage systems open.

Heat tape melting snow on a commercial roof in Flagstaff AZ

We installed this electrical disconnect panel and heat tape control on a flat roof in Flagstaff:

Commercial Heat Tape sub panel

It is best to install a remote panel for controlling large commercial heat tape installations:

Remote electrical panel for controlling commercial rooftop heat tape operation

Nitro Electric has developed highly effective commercial drain and scupper de-icing systems with proven results.
We can design a system for any roof size - call for more information.

Commercial heat cable melting snow on a roof in flagstaff

Heat cable is not designed to melt all the snow, but to create clear paths for water to drain off the roof.

Notice on this commercial roof that the heat cable keeps the pathways to the drain and the drain itself clear of ice and snow.






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