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Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency upgrades we provide that can help save on your utility bills:

  • LED Retrofit trims for all the recessed / can lights in your home or office
  • Surface mount LED lights to turn any existing ceiling light location into a LED can light.
  • WiFi control from your smart phone or ipad of almost anything electrical in your home or office.
  • WiFi control from your smart phone or ipad of higher amperage circuits such as heat cables, emergency electrical heat, lighting etc. while you are away from your home, or out of town. Huge electric bills can come from over running your heat cables / emergency heat all winter. With WiFi control this can be greatly minimized.
  • Occupancy Sensors are convenient, energy efficient, and versatile. They activate lighting once an occupant is identified. When they leave the sensors turn the light off.
  • Dimmer controls provide variable indoor lighting as well, they also reduce energy use and cost.
  • Timers are an excellent choice for security and convenience. Light up a room if you are gone, or have all the lights turn off by bedtime. Eliminating one less chore before going to bed.


Solar Power

Solar powered attic fan

Solar Powered Attic Fan

Solar Powered temperature controlled attic exhaust fans for removing excess heat from your attic in the summer.

Remington Solar powered attic fans can really cool off your home.

Energy Monitors

Digital power meter for analyzing power usage

Digital Power meters

Accurate digital power meters to analyze power usage for individual circuit(s).
Also available for a whole panel in your home or business.

Identify and Eliminate wasted electrical usage!
Inside or outside installation.

Whole House Attic Fans

whole house attic fan by Quiet Cool

Whole House Attic Fans

Flagstaff and Sedona homes can benefit greatly from a whole house attic fan.

These fans draw air through the house window, into the attic and out the gable vents, thereby cooling not only the interior of the home, but also driving hot air out of the attic.

how whole house attic fans work

Whole House Attic - how does it work?

Whole house attic fans are mounted in the attic and consist of a set of damper doors, an insulated duct and a highly efficient fan.

Due to the cool evenings and nights in Norther Arizona, our climate is especially suited to these types of fans. These QuietCool fans can be connected to a factory remote control with timer that allows the homeowner to simply turn on the fan after the sun sets and to pull all the hot air out of the house and at the same time push all the hot air out of the attic.

Every home in Flagstaff and Sedona should have one of these!

LED Lighting

L.E.D. lighting is very energy efficient compared to standard light bulbs, plus L.E.D. lights do not contain the dangerous levels of mercury found in all types of fluorescent bulbs including CFLs. 

Even though LED bulbs cost more initially, they last so long and produce so much light output per watt, that the higher initial cost is worth installing them...indoors.

We offer L.E.D. recessed can light upgrades as well as the option to convert standard ceiling fixtures into the look of an L.E.D. can light, only without having to install the recessed can.

L.E.D. stands for "Light Emitting Diode" and is often written LED - learn more about LEDs on the LED wikipedia page

For commercial applications, LED lighting is not recommend outdoors.  Let us help your business choose and install the best exterior lighting that is good for the environment and your electric bill.

Learn more about different types of lighting.








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