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When you need a licensed and local Electrician, call Nitro Electric!

Electrician working on a ladder at a home in Flagstaff Arizona
  • Electrical home inspections
  • Service panel upgrades. New modern equipment and Breakers
  • Smoke detector replacement. Smoke detectors require replacement every 10 years
  • Recepticle installation
  • Installation of recessed can lights
  • Security / Convenience Lighting for the outside of your home.
  • Switched Exterior outlets for Christmas Lighting or Heat Cable. 
  • Under and over cabinet LED lighting
  • Hidden lighting to accent shelves or other features.
  • New ceiling fan installations. New fans are quieter and more energy efficient than older noisy models.
  • High volume bathroom exhaust fan installation, helps remove moisture and odors. 
  • Whole home surge protector installation.
  • 240/220v installation for welders, air compressors, electric ranges, electric dryers etc.
  • Energy efficient LED fixtures and lighting upgrades. Including products from Rab Lighting.
  • We install electrical service to detached garages / sheds / and other out buildings.
  • WiFi control from your smart phone or ipad of almost anything in your home while your away from your home.
  • Driveway lights, Landscape lights, Patio and Deck lighting.

Installing Light Fixtures and Ceiling Fans on Tall Ceilings

Mounting a ceiling light fixture in a lving room in a custom home in Flagstaff

We have the right equipment to mount lighting fixtures on really high ceilings. 

In this picture we are using our Little Giant ladder to mount a new light fixture to the ceiling of this custom home in Flagstaff.

Underground Electricity Lines

Here we are trenching and install the underground electricity lines for a new residence in Baderville, just outside of Flagstaff.

Trenching for underground utility lines can involve complicated digging based on the soil type encountered.

Installing underground electrical lines to a new house in Baderville, near AZ Snowbowl

Custom Remote Switches

We built this custom WiFi remote switching panel that allows the home owner to control high amperage electrical circuits in his home from his smart phone.

A remote switching unit for electrical outllets

Here is a view of the remote control unit being built up:

Inside the remote electric switch controller

We specialize in custom electrical installations.

Whole House Surge Protection

Motor driven household appliances and equipment can create surges upon startup and shutdown that are capable of damaging sensitive electronics and need to be arrested …. so the danger is not just lightning and utility company surges. All surge protectors degrade as they do there job and typically only last 2-5 years, but are cheap insurance compared to replacing costly appliances and electronics. Damaging surges come in many different sizes, and only the top of the line whole home surge protectors have three stage Varistor systems to effectively arrest different size surges.  

Whole house surge protector With whole home surge protectors you get what you pay for, and Nitro Electric only installs the top rated high end units from Siemens, Easton, Leviton, and Schneider Electric. 

Don't trust cheap power strip surge protectors!

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