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Commercial Electrical service for Flagstaff and surrounding areas.

  • Commercial Electrical Service & Upgrades
  • Illuminated Exit Signs Emergency lights - Install / Test / Replacement
  • Commercial tenant improvements
  • Add / relocate outlets
  • Add /relocate lighting
  • Commercial Heat Cable / Ice Melt Systems and Controls
  • Dedicated 120v / 208v / 240v / 277v / 480v circuits


commercial grade electrical switching unit

Pictured above is 75kva transformer that we installed for a custom commercial application.

Electrical panel with and energy monitoring device attached

The box to the right of the 200 Amp electrical panel above is for monitoring energy consumption.

By carefully monitoring energy consumption, commercial building managers can take steps to reduce electricity usage.

A commercial electric panel mounted to a block wall on the outside of a building in Flagstaff AZ

Here is a small commercial building electric panel and electrical service entrance.

The power from APS enters at the bottom of the electric panel from an underground power line.

The service panel then feeds power into the building through the two galvanized conduits.






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